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Today’s run

I headed out for today’s run fully intending to come home, shower, and change before doing anything else for the day.

Oh, how plans change.

Instead, I’m sitting here 10 hours later still in my running clothes. I have been to a soccer game, the salon for a cut and color, and have been relaxing at home by the fire, working on my Snowy Owl afghan. All without showering. Or changing. And it feels great.

It was a tough 6.3 miles this morning. The five day old snow was crusty and had not had any traffic to pack it down. So things were a bit slow going. And I didn’t eat breakfast before heading out. So I needed my emergency gel 1.66 miles into the run. Good thing I had it stashed in my water bottle pocket. But, a bald eagle soared overhead at mile 4, and that was all I needed for a perfect run.

Anyway, it was a great run. And I saw my son’s soccer game, and I have a fresh cut and color on my head. Pretty perfect if you ask me.

IMG_0646Doesn’t everyone read Popular Science at the salon?


Soccer Scramble

This CD challenge is pretty fun so far. Tonight after a crazy day at work, honestly the last thing I wanted to do was run. Or go to soccer practice. But, I had to take my son and his best friend to soccer.

Now, usually what I do at soccer is sit and watch the boys practice. Or I read a book, or knit.

Today the CD challenge inspired me to run. So instead of changing into jeans and a sweatshirt, I put on my running gear.

In just these few short days of this challenge, what I am already learning is that putting on the running clothes is 90% of the battle. Once I’m dressed getting out to run seems a lot easier.

I got to the park with the boys, made sure they were all set for practice, and after they started I took off on my run. Through a new neighborhood, on unfamiliar roads, in 50 degree sunshine. It was fun.

And now I’m not stressed out about work anymore.

CD #3 done.

Now I can sit on this park bench in the suand watch the boys finish up their practice.


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