award season…and I didn’t even buy a dress

What a surprise!  I go without posting for a few weeks…(did anyone miss me?)

…and I get nominated for an award!

I was nominated for the Liebster Blog Award over at Yea, I’m a Runner.  I love reading her blog, and was totally surprised when she nominated me!   What a nice Friday surprise this was…especially given that I’ve had one really cruddy week.

I’ve been so super stressed out by some family issues.  How stressed?  So stressed that my face has about 10 new breakouts (not pretty).  My middle child got sick Thursday with an over-100-degree fever, and he spent all day Friday on the couch.  The doctor said, “it could be mono, we have had some cases recently, but if it’s this early we probably won’t be able to detect it anyway…so just bring him back in a few days if he’s not better.”  

Enough complaining, back to the cool part!  The award!


I’m sure you’re wondering…

What in the world is a Liebster Award?

Well, I had to look it up on the blogs who were nominated before me.  Liebster is a German word for “favorite” – so one could say this is a “favorite little blog award.”  It is awarded to a blog that has less than 200 followers. It is an amazing opportunity to get to know other blogs and pay it forward. The rules for receiving this award are:

  • Recognizing the awesome blogger that nominated you!
  • Write 11 things about yourself.
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger who nominated you asked.
  • Nominate new bloggers!
  • Write 11 questions of your own for the bloggers you nominate.

So…here goes!  I already mentioned  Yea, I’m a Runner – if you haven’t already checked her out, go over and do it now!


Now for 11 random things about myself.

1.  I’m notoriously indecisive.

2.  When I get stressed out, I want to curl up in a ball and sleep.  Earlier this week I was yawning at 7:30 am.

3.  I’m a lifetime member of Girl Scouts.

4.  I love to knit.  In fact, I’m usually in a rush to work on my knitting every night, which is probably why I’m not blogging or working out after 7 pm.

5.  I also love to read, which I can’t do while knitting.  So when I have found a good book, the knitting goes to the side and I can’t. stop. reading. until I’m done.

6.  If I were Superman, my Kryptonite would be chocolate.  I can’t resist the stuff.

7.  I am pretty sure I couldn’t be a full-time, stay at home mom.  I love my kids but I think I would go crazy.

8.  My biggest source of stress?  Having to arrange childcare for my kids.  I hate feeling like I am imposing on my family.  I would rather stay home than have to ask.  I hate feeling like a burden.

9.  I don’t like to plan ahead, or schedule things to the last detail.  I’d much rather take it easy and see how things develop.  This conflicts directly with number (8) above and is probably part of why that stresses me out so much.

10.  My favorite thing to do on a night out is listen to live music.  I’d much rather go to a concert or show than sit through a movie in the dark.

11.  This one is for my boys…who always want to know who my favorite superhero is.  Usually they want me to pick my favorite Avenger…so in that case it’s Iron Man.  He’s smart, inventive, and confident…and has no superpowers without his suit.  He’s just a guy who invents things…so I like to think he’s an engineer.


Questions from the blogger who nominated me:

1. What is your favorite book?
I have to pick one? (see my first fact above).  I am an avid reader, and I am always reading a book.  But if I had to pick, I guess my favorite book is the Lord of the Rings trilogy (see, I go and pick three…).  Coming in close afterward is The Giving Tree, the Game of Thrones series, anything by Kurt Vonnegut,…I should just stop.

2. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose?
Hmm.  Right now I’d have to say Seattle.

3. Beer or wine…or both?
Beer.  I’m kind of a beer snob thanks to my homebrewing husband.  I have grown to love all kinds of beer, but I mostly prefer coffee stouts and IPA’s.  I won’t drink the “mainstream” beers like Budweiser, Coors Light, etc.  It’s not worth it to me.  I do like wine, but really only drink it if we’re out for a nice dinner.  The bottles we have at home never get opened.

4. What is your favorite season?
Fall, most definitely.  I love the cooler days (give me 50-60 degrees year round!) and the crisp air.  And FOOTBALL!

5. Which historical figure would you like to meet?
Wow, this is a tough one.  I think I’d like to meet Albert Einstein.  Just to come that close to such a brilliant mind…

6. What decade – era – would you want to live in?
This one.  I am definitely one for living in the moment and enjoying life fully.  Every day, month, and year just keeps getting better.

7. What is your favorite tv show?
This is hard, because I don’t control the remote!  I usually watch whatever my husband is watching.  When he’s not around, most times the TV is off.  But I love to record Austin City Limits and I often watch that when he’s gone.

8. Is there an age you wish you could go back to? What age & why?
See my answer to (6).  I love where I am right now.

9. Dog or cat person?  Dog.

10. How many states have you visited? As far as I can estimate, 35.  Give or take a few…depending on if driving through them counts…

11. What do you do when you’re in a bad mood to cheer yourself up?  
Um, I go for a run!  Everything seems a bit more manageable after a run.  Although if it’s a particularly bad mood, I practically have to be shoved out the door by my husband.


And now for the fun part!  Nominating other bloggers!


Mother Running Rampant

Sporty Mama Life

Mountain Kait


(I say she counts even with 232 followers!)


Dan’s Marathon

Dirty Girl Running


Now my questions for all you amazing bloggers:

1.  If you were Superman, what would your Kryptonite be?

2.  How many pairs of running shoes do you have?  Which is your favorite?

3.  If you were given 2 free plane tickets to anywhere in the world, where would you go and who would you take with you?

4.  Science Fiction or Romantic Comedy?

5.  What color is your car?

6.  What is the last book you read, and did you like it?

7.  If you won the lottery you would…

8.  Who is your favorite superhero?

9.  Did you grow up in a small town/rural area, suburb/medium sized town, or in a big city?

10.  What was your favorite thing to do or place to go when you were 10?  Would it still be fun if you did it today?

11.  What is one item on your bucket list?


All right, there it is.  Enjoy, folks!


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