Sometimes when I have a few minutes free  log in to WordPress, I’m drawn to the “spam statistics” on the dashboard.  If you have a WordPress blog, you’ve probably seen them.

Wordpress Stats

I find this humorous.  Somehow I have 1314 spam comments, while only 169 real comments.  And a large percentage of those 169 are mine.  In reality I have more than 10 times the number of spam comments as “real” comments.  (I imagine that “real” bloggers have thousands more spam comments…)

But what’s really entertaining?  (yes, I admit, I’m easily entertained)  The actual spam comments.  I mean, does anyone really think these seem like actual comments?  Do these work on people? (if they were to get through the spam filter)?

Not the good spam

Not the good spam

I mean, really.

Someone called “Best Instant Camera” was referred to my blog by his cousin.  But he does say I’m incredible.  I’ll have to thank that cousin.

“How to win Bids on Quibids” is thanking me for all his support.  I’m so glad I could help with my post about running music.

This is really just random rambling.  I probably should be telling you all about my training for the half marathon that is (eep!) this weekend.  I probably should be talking about gear selection, the weather forecast, and what I am going to wear.  But, not tonight.  I’m tired and this is the most creative thing I can come up with.  Maybe I’ll post about the race another night.


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