Sing it now…in-flu-en-za

Yeah, so I’ve been absent again.

What can you do?  Really, life just gets in the way, and in the grand scheme of priorities, the blog falls WAY lower than, say, providing for my family or spending time with my children.

So there.  Mom guilt > blog guilt.

So where have I been, you might ask?

Well, at the end of February you would have found me jet-setting around the world, from the US to Germany, to Paris, and back.  All in a whirlwind 7 days, and yes, for work.  I’d post pictures but they are trapped on my work laptop at the moment.  (Do you even want to see pictures, dear reader(s)?)

Work?  But, you say, it’s Monday.  Why aren’t you at work?

There lies reason #2.  Say it with me now…

IN-FLU-EN-ZA.  If you break it up it sounds kind of like a song.  Don’t be fooled.

I was broadsided by the flu two days after getting off that plane from Paris – Chicago.  It hit me so hard I finally dropped into a fever-induced coma sleep on Friday afternoon at 2:30 in the afternoon and slept until 7:30 the next morning.

It cancelled my husband’s scheduled trip to a symphony concert with his mom.

I was worthless for four straight days.

I didn’t even realize it was THE flu until today when I finally went to the doctor and got a positive diagnosis.  Of course today I am much better and no longer contagious.  Now I’m worried about anyone who might have come into contact with me last week.

Every year, religiously, I get a flu shot.  But this year, I didn’t get one.  Right.  This year, when I donated stem cells, the donor agency asked me to wait until afterwards just in case it made me sick.  Well, afterwards I ran into shortages of the flu shot at work, and a busy life with other things that seemed more important made me not go to the drug stores to get one.  That won’t happen again.

So today I’m home, working through a few minor tasks, the stuff I should have gotten complete this weekend instead of lying in bed.  I’ll go rest for a while when this post is done, because I’m still feeling a bit tired and out of it.

And a run?  I don’t even want to think about running yet…blargh.


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