Treadmill musings

Random thoughts for today from my run:

1. You might be a tad desperate to potty train your child when you download an iPhone app for potty training. Desperate or a genius. Time will tell.

2. How good a deal does it have to be to get a mom to buy eight boxes of fruit flavored snacks? Apparently 8 for $6 with an additional $4.50 off your groceries.

3. It’s hard to make a valentines day cake to surprise your kids when you accidentally put the cake mix back on the shelf when getting boxes of fruit snacks. And no, I don’t think I’ll make it from scratch.

4. What’s harder than trying to get a stubborn toddler to sit on the potty? (Answer: I don’t know. I haven’t found anything harder yet.)

5. Does anyone calibrate a treadmill before sending it to the store? I swear 6.0 mph is a lot easier at the gym.

6. I love Portlandia. And Netflix. Like chocolate and peanut butter, they are best together.

7. Skype. I’m not sure I am comfortable with it yet. It’s a bit awkward to video chat with engineering students from your home. But it works, and I don’t think they think I am too weird. Luckily I combed my hair and put on a clean shirt and makeup first.

8. When will they design a treadmill with an integrated web browser? Sure, there’d be typos. But judging by how long I spend on my iPhone’s browser each day, I could really get a lot of miles in while surfing.

9. How come my two year old takes two and a half hour naps at grandma’s house but only sleeps 45 minutes here? Something is not quite fair.

10. Crap! I forgot to throw in the laundry this morning!

Happy Friday, friends!

p.s. : still accepting nominations for names for my treadmill. 🙂


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