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Cold, Concrete & Betty

Everyone has at least one.

The friends that, when you get out with them, you lose all track of time, and possibly part of your rational mind.

Apparently that happens to me when I head out for a run with friends.

I know a few guys that have been running insanely long distances to train for Leadville.  They are already running 30+ miles on a Saturday, to train for a 100 mile race that isn’t until August.  Well, at least Jay is running that much.  I’m not sure why Josiah is running so far, except that he can.

Today, I met up with them for what I thought would be a 6 mile easy run, for about an hour.  It turned into almost 10 miles (9.8 to be exact).  I find that when I’m running with a group, it’s so much easier for me.  If I had been out in this 13 degree weather alone, I bet I would have stopped at 5.  I mean, that’s what the half marathon training plan calls for this weekend.

But when I get out with these guys, something happens, and I instinctively run farther and longer.  The last two weeks I have run with them, I get in the car afterwards, heady with a runner’s high, and drive home dreaming of marathons.  This can’t be good, right?  Or can it?

I definitely want to keep this up.  I feel so much better when I get up and run with them.  I know this, yet in the dark Saturday morning, that 5 am alarm clock still hurts.

Oh, and since I mentioned the word “hurt,” I took a nice spill on the bike path today.  Somehow I tripped over a quarter inch edge of concrete and, although I almost caught myself over the next few steps, ended up crashing hard on my left side.  I’ll be fine, all the winter gear provided plenty of padding and the only visible injury is a nice skinned knee.  I think my hip may be bruised but, there’s plenty of padding there too (come on, I’m a mother of three!) so it may not amount to much.  It all happened somewhere around mile 2, so I just ran it off.  It was cold enough my legs were numb for most of the run anyway.

So, in honor of my spectacular fall, here’s a picture (not mine) of “What I Saw On My Run Today”

Concrete. Up close and personal.


In other news, the treadmill has a name.  Betty is my new training partner.


Did I mention it was cold today?  Brrrr.


Treadmill musings

Random thoughts for today from my run:

1. You might be a tad desperate to potty train your child when you download an iPhone app for potty training. Desperate or a genius. Time will tell.

2. How good a deal does it have to be to get a mom to buy eight boxes of fruit flavored snacks? Apparently 8 for $6 with an additional $4.50 off your groceries.

3. It’s hard to make a valentines day cake to surprise your kids when you accidentally put the cake mix back on the shelf when getting boxes of fruit snacks. And no, I don’t think I’ll make it from scratch.

4. What’s harder than trying to get a stubborn toddler to sit on the potty? (Answer: I don’t know. I haven’t found anything harder yet.)

5. Does anyone calibrate a treadmill before sending it to the store? I swear 6.0 mph is a lot easier at the gym.

6. I love Portlandia. And Netflix. Like chocolate and peanut butter, they are best together.

7. Skype. I’m not sure I am comfortable with it yet. It’s a bit awkward to video chat with engineering students from your home. But it works, and I don’t think they think I am too weird. Luckily I combed my hair and put on a clean shirt and makeup first.

8. When will they design a treadmill with an integrated web browser? Sure, there’d be typos. But judging by how long I spend on my iPhone’s browser each day, I could really get a lot of miles in while surfing.

9. How come my two year old takes two and a half hour naps at grandma’s house but only sleeps 45 minutes here? Something is not quite fair.

10. Crap! I forgot to throw in the laundry this morning!

Happy Friday, friends!

p.s. : still accepting nominations for names for my treadmill. 🙂


I got a surprise this week!  If you have seen my latest dailymile posts, you probably know what it is.  But if not, let me introduce you to my new running partner.

Isn't she a beauty?

Isn’t she a beauty?

Do you see her?  She’s all shiny, and new, and beautiful.  My husband (awesome man that he is) decided that I needed a treadmill for those days when I can’t make it to the gym and for one reason or another can’t run outside.  It was delivered Friday, and yesterday we carried the pieces downstairs.  My seven-year-old and I did the majority of the assembly work – until the last two bolts.  Those last two were cross threaded and the holes didn’t line up, and I had to call for backup.  (In my defense, even with help we only got one of those two in through brute force.  No worries, though, that console isn’t going anywhere.

This morning, after tearing up my knuckles lubricating the belt (there has to be a better way to do that), my seven year old  had the honor of testing it out for the first mile.    This afternoon, although it’s a positively gorgeous day outside, I had to try it out.  So I got my running clothes on, laced up the Altras, and walked downstairs.  It was the weirdest feeling in the world to get dressed and in mere seconds be running.  That never happens for me – I always have to get in the car and drive somewhere.

Anyway, I just finished my first three miles on the treadmill (she needs a name, don’t you think?).   The verdict?  Yeah, I still don’t like treadmills.  But…I will definitely use this one.  There are many days when I can’t make it to the gym because the kids are home.  Or it’s too cold to run outside with the jogging stroller.  Or, my husband is gone and  so I don’t have a chance to go.   I’ve even toyed with the idea of a consecutive day (CD) challenge of at least a mile a day, now that there is really no excuse for not running.

Hope you are all having a great weekend and you’re ready for the Super Bowl (or the Puppy Bowl…) or whatever you’re in the mood for today.  Me, it’s football all the way, although with three kids running around I probably won’t get a chance to watch much.

Question of the day:  What should I name the new treadmill?  I can’t call her “the treadmill” all the time, it sounds boring.  What are your ideas?  For some reason the name “Betsy” just popped into my head.  Odd.

In other news, we hosted a stem cell/bone marrow donor registration drive on Thursday.  We registered 13 potential donors in about an hour?  Have you registered yet?

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