Last night while lying in bed I realized I have a race in less than 100 days.

I guess I need to get back on the bus and start training regularly. Hopefully I can use this blog again to keep me honest.

I’ve been trying to think about what I want this blog to be, and I have decided that it doesn’t have to be all running. That’s a lot of who I am, but it’s not all of me. So I am going to try to do a better job of posting more often (famous last words!).

Maybe if I get some time today I can work on a training plan and post something about that. I think that would be a good idea.


5 responses to “Yikes!

  • imarunner2012

    It takes a lot of work to post eveyday or even a few times a week. My blog is primarily about running but I also toss in a stray post on what ever is on my mind.
    A blog is our very own soap box so we can say whatever we want. However, I feel that blogging about non-running related things makes my blog less focused. Do people come to my blog to read about running or just to see what ever I happen to feel like writing about today?
    Broadening the scope of my blog gives me more to write about but I’m not sure this is the direction I want to go in.

    • Running Unplugged

      It is a lot of work. Combine that with a full time job and being a mom of three…plus I contribute to a local moms’ blog AND I keep a personal family blog.

      But I do enjoy this blog, and every time I feel guilty for not posting, I have to remember that I am not in this for any sort of fame or prestige. Just because I enjoy it (and the moment I stop enjoying it or it becomes “more work” then I need to take a break).

      Of course I could really try to promote this blog and get lots of free things to review, and post every day, but my sanity would go out the window!

  • elisariva

    That is the beauty of “unplugged”! Go with your heart, fly where your winged feet take you. Looking forward to reading!

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