Winter reflections

Winter is my favorite time to run. I love running after a snow, when everything is cloaked in white. It’s peaceful and quiet. The snow muffles sounds, even my footsteps feel lighter.

I love running in the cold, too. No sweat-fest, a winter run is spent trying to warm up my body. It’s usually a mile or two before I even start to feel warm. And when I do, it’s such a stark contrast. I’m running, in the snow, breath making frosty clouds, and yet I’m unzipping my jacket and removing my gloves. I love the feeling of warmth paired with with the chill of the air on my skin.

Once in a rare while, I get the opportunity to be the first runner on the path after a snow. It’s a bit surreal to be breaking the first footprints into the fresh snow. To think that I’m the first one to be out there is a pretty sweet feeling (and not one I get to experience very often). I’m running alongside the tracks of the rabbits and other critters, with not a shoe print to be seen.

It’s a run like this that make me remember just why I love to run.

What’s your favorite running season? Do you like the cold?


4 responses to “Winter reflections

  • imarunner2012

    The cooler temps are great but I do enjoy running in the heat of summer. Something about all of the sweat makes me feel alive. I hate being cold and wearing all of those layers of clothes.

    • Running Unplugged

      Gosh, I’m just the opposite. I hate the oppressive humidity and heat. I feel like I can hardly breathe. I feel more alive when the cold air is rushing into my lungs.

      Thanks for sharing! I know everyone is different, and I’m sure I’m a bit odd 😉

  • haleymg12

    The spring & fall are my favorite seasons to run. Everything is so fresh and new in the springtime, then in fall everything is changing. If I had to chose one, it would be spring only because it is lighter for longer.

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