have you missed me?


I won’t be hurt if you haven’t even noticed I’ve been gone.

But I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to post.  Here are just a few of the things that have happened:

1.  Not much running.  I have been barely scraping out a few miles a week, and it’s really hurting my performance.  Today was the first day in weeks I had a good run, and it was only 5 miles.  I remember a few years ago when I was wishing I could run 5 miles, so I’m happy I did it, but still.  A month ago I was ready to run a half marathon.  Oh, and speaking of that…

2.  Not running a half marathon.  Remember the Tyranena Beer Run?  The race I was most excited to run all year?  Yeah.  No babysitter = no race.  I think this is part of the reason that #1 occurred.  It’s hard to get motivated to run when you’re bummed about missing a race.

3.  5th Graders.  I’m mentoring a FIRST Lego League team that is getting ready for their first competition.  Two evenings a a week, gone.  (But it’s a blast!)

4.  Holidays.  Well, one holiday – Thanksgiving.  But I swear it’s thrown me off schedule.

5.  I donated stem cells.  Definitely a blog post coming on this one when I have more time to type.  One of the best experiences of my life.


I’ll be single parenting for a few days this week while my husband is at a conference, so I may actually have more time to blog.  Look for some posts coming (hopefully) this week.  I have so much I want to say…


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