All Heart

This weekend.


It was just, wow.

I can’t really put it into words yet. Which is good because I would have to type it all on my phone keyboard.

Here is the only breakdown I can muster at this point.

1 hour of sleep. (maybe)
4 trips to Walmart. (One at 2:30 am)
4 super awesome pacers/crew.
6 hours of “death walking”
17.5 miles of said walking
82 total miles of total awesomeness.

One amazing woman.

And one DNF.

But there is no shame in this DNF. She left it all out there on the Kansas prairie, and she truly had nothing more to give.

I may be seriously sleep deprived, but I’m getting a little choked up just thinking about what just happened.

When there is nothing left to give, you suck it up and find a bit more.


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