Without hesitation

Yesterday, I was waiting at the DMV to renew my drivers’ license when my cell phone began to ring.

I looked at it and didn’t recognize the number.

Usually, I wouldn’t answer a phone call from a number I didn’t recognize, but I was waiting and I figured it would probaby be a short call.

Imagine my surprise when it was a call from Jenny at DKMS Americas.

“I know you had worked with Amy a few months ago when you were a match for a patient, and I know it didn’t work out. First of all, thank you for being willing to donate at that time.”

I figured she was calling about setting up a bone marrow donor drive, as I have been working on setting one up next year.

So imagine my surprise when she said, “The patient’s doctor has determined that you are the best match for the patient, and would like to schedule a donation. Would you be interested?”

I don’t think she had even finished talking when I answered.


We agreed that the DMV was not the best place to continue the discussion, and set up a time to talk early next week.

Today my donor information packet arrived, and I can tell I am going to have a lot of information to read and digest, and probably some decisions to make before it’s all set and ready to go.

But I’m ready. I’ve been ready since way back in June, when I got the first call.

No hesitation, no second thoughts. This is happening.



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