Fall racing update

I haven’t really felt much like posting lately.  That’s probably evident to anyone who was reading this blog and waiting for a race recap from last week’s half marathon.

So I’m sorry, I guess.  But the last thing I’ve wanted to do this week was sit at the computer.  And I don’t really want to be here today either…

So this one will be short and sweet.

I did enjoy the Quad Cities Half Marathon – I ran most of it with Jen from the LiveUncommon Race Team and we finished in just under 2:00, which was my goal, so I was really happy with that.  And I must have reached a new level in my running, because I didn’t feel like I needed much time to recover at all.  I ran a little bit Tuesday night and was tired, but really wasn’t hurting at all.  This was the last race for our race team, and I think this year was a huge success.  I really enjoyed getting to know this group of runners and they really pushed me in my running this year.

Today I ran in a local 5K for John Deere employees – called the John Deere 5K Fall Classic,  it’s one of my favorite races each year.  It’s limited to employees, family members, and retirees, so it’s not a huge race, and it runs right around the corporate office.   It’s hilly and challenging, and once in a while I even place in my age group!  This year I ran the race in just under 26 minutes, for an 8:17 pace.  I didn’t place this year, I was 5th in my age group – but that’s okay.  This will be my last race in the 30-34 age group, because I turn 35 in a few weeks (yikes!).

I also got to run the 1 mile race with my 7 year old son.  He did great – although suffered again from going out too fast and having to walk more than he would have liked.  Our “stretch” goal was to finish in 10 minutes, and he finished in 11:23.  So, I think it was a success.  We just have to work on pacing…

I’m going to go shower so I can put my feet up and watch some football at least until the youngest wakes up from his nap…oh, and do laundry…


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