Reverse addiction

Some say running is like an addiction.  Once you start running, you can’t stop.  People get sucked into running and find they must run – every. single. day.  They go through withdrawal when they can’t run, a day or more out of their running shoes and they are going crazy.  They have to run.

It’s kind of true, I suppose.  But I’ve never been one that’s compelled to run every day.  Sure, I’d like to.  But I tend to run more at the opposite end of the spectrum.

You see, not running, for me, is the trigger.   It starts with skipping a run.  Then another.  Then maybe another.  By the time I’ve hit three days of not running, I’m not going crazy with withdrawal symptoms.  I’ve lapsed back into “I don’t wanna” syndrome.

I know this all too well.  Why?  Because it happened to me again this week.  You would think that less than two weeks from a half marathon, I would be trying as hard as humanly possible to hit all my training runs.  But apparently that is not quite how my brain works.  Let’s roll back in time to last weekend.

Initially I planned to head out for a long 11-12 mile run last weekend.  But due to life in general, I ended up with an almost-7 mile run Sunday afternoon instead: “The Run That Almost Didn’t Happen.”  I was literally sitting in the recliner getting ready for an afternoon of football, when I finally convinced myself to just go out for a run, however long or short it would be.

Then soccer practices (which started up this week) hit, and Monday and Tuesday evenings one of us was out with a child at soccer while the other one stayed home: fed, bathed, and put the little one to bed.  Then on Wednesday I needed to take the two older boys out for a walk so they could get credit for their “Walk on Wednesday (WoW)” program at school.  I took them out to the canal (where I usually run).  By the time I got home and they were in bed, the last thing I wanted to do was to drive back out to the canal again.

So I hadn’t run all week when yesterday rolled around.  I wasn’t really optimistic about a great run, but I knew that I wouldn’t be running today (Friday).  One of the jogging stroller tires blew last Friday, and I don’t have it repaired yet.  So running with the littlest one was out of the question.  And it’s not like I could leave him at home, you know?

So last night I headed out for a run, and I was surprised when I felt pretty good.  I typically am not a great evening runner, I just feel better in the mornings.  But it was working for me, and I was able to get a quick 4 miles in.

But again, due to the jogging stroller issue, a run was not in the cards today.  Sure, I could have gone to the gym, paid for babysitting, and run on the treadmill, but I haven’t been to the gym in months, and I just haven’t been able to bring myself to go back yet.  As soon as the weather is too cool or too rainy, I’m sure I’ll be back, but I haven’t hit that point yet.  Combine that with a 2 year old who woke up before 5 am today, and I am enjoying a(nother) day off.

I am not sure exactly where this post is going.  I know where it started, but I’ve already rambled on long enough.  Typical.  If you’ve read this far you must really like me 🙂  I’m not going to try and salvage it, I’m just going to publish and hope that it made some sort of coherent sense.

In other notes, I’m excited to be working on another shoe review, hopefully it will be coming early next week.  And I’m headed out of town on a business trip next week, so perhaps you’ll even get to see some posts from me about that.  Nothing like hotel treadmills to spark deep thoughts.

Half marathon next weekend…




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