Rolling like thunder

I was downright moody this morning. Why? Because I woke up and checked the radar, and saw this:


Now, I love a good thunderstorm. I was going to say “as much as the next person,” but I think I might like them more than the average person. There is nothing I like better than a rainy night.

But Fridays are my days off. My days that I take out the littlest one in the jogging stroller and run. We’ve been enjoying our morning runs together. So when I saw that giant blob of rain covering the entire state, and a forecast that called for a 70% chance of rain all morning, I was a bit down.

So when we headed up to take the two older boys to the bus stop, and saw a clearing sky, I was excited.


So shortly after 8 am, with clear(ish) skies and a new outlook, we headed out for a run. And it was a great run, 4.5 miles along the canal. We even got to pass a train of golf carts as they took a “tour” of the bike path.

We finished just as another smaller shower started. Luckily it didn’t last long.

As I was loading the stroller into the car, I noticed that the right rear tire was completely, utterly flat. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t flat when we left. I aired them up two weeks ago, so now I’m wondering if the tube is broken. Guess I will have to look at it closer this weekend.

After the run, we headed into town for coffee and a brownie at the local coffee shop. For the record: The little one ate 95% of the brownie. I think I had one bite.

It really was a good morning.

On another note, I’m frustrated with my Garmin. It is refusing to sync with my computer and it’s starting to make me crazy. I’m an engineer, I need my data! It’s less than a year old, so in my opinion it should just WORK. I’ve emailed tech support and I am hoping that they can help. Fingers crossed!


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