Arch Enemy?

This morning I did not run.  (Shocker)

I couldn’t run, because my husband was out of town and I was home with all three kids.  So instead of run, I became SUPER PRODUCTIVE MOM!  Yes, in all caps.  Imagine I’m shouting this.  Like the announcer on WordGirl.

By 7:00 am, the boys had eaten.  By 8:00 am, two loaves of banana bread were in the oven.  By 9:15 am, the two older boys were playing quietly in the basement and the youngest was in bed napping (benefit? of waking up at 5:15 am).

So at 9:20 am, I was steam cleaning the kitchen floor.  What?  You don’t steam clean the floors when you have a free moment? 

As I cleaned the floor, I noticed that my bare feet were leaving footprints in the steam/dampness.  My first thought? “Hey!  I kind of have high arches.  Hmmm.”

If a hundred runners were to read this post, probably at least 80 of them would shake their heads in wonder.  How can an experienced runner not know her arch type?   The other 20 people might be asking, why would that matter?

Well, in my opinion, it doesn’t matter.  Much.  But on virtually every running shoe fitting website, this is the first question they ask:  What’s your Arch Type?

Which are you?

Apparently by knowing this they filter out the types of shoes which are most likely to fit your foot.  So it is probably pretty weird that I didn’t know this before.  But honestly, I just pick “normal” and it’s worked for me so far.  I much prefer to buy my running shoes based on how they feel, and less on a recommendation of what shoes the computer thinks will work for me.  But sometimes it is necessary to use the online tools, and I suppose that this helps filter out the ones that “probably” won’t work.

But I’ve found that the shoes which I have liked the most are the ones which the websites don’t recommend for me.  I tried the shoe fitters online when looking for my last pair of shoes, and ended up buying ones that were not on my “recommended list.”  And they’re working out fine.

I continue to try more “minimal” shoes in an attempt to run with the least amount of modifications necessary.  I’ve really found that running with a more natural stride seems to have helped me reduce the amount of stress and strain on my body.  So for me, the more neutral, lower heel-toe-drop, less cushion, the better.  But I do still need cushion for the longer runs.  I’m really enjoying those bright purple Brooks Pure Flow shoes for my longer runs (this should serve as a reminder to me I should write up a review of them). 

But any time that I am not running I’m looking for the most minimal shoes possible.  My feet just feel better in them.  I’m so curious about the minimalist sandals.  I recently was looking at the Earth Runners website, and I just think they look so comfortable and cool.  I’d love to try out a pair of this style of shoes – for everyday wear, but also for shorter runs.  I have tried the Vibram toe shoes but I just couldn’t handle the toe pockets.  Even though they claim to “free your feet,” I just felt like my toes were confined and couldn’t move naturally. 

This post is sort of a rambling, stream-of-consciousness post, so I apologize if it doesn’t flow very well.  But I have two kids clamoring for a snack, so I’m going to post this without editing.  Sorry in advance!


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