Taper = Love

Still no takers on my offer.  I’m kind of surprised.  Come on, people!

I love taper week.

Today was the kids’ first day of school, so I left work early to pick them up off the bus.  I was sitting here at home, thinking about what to make for dinner, when I had the thought:  “I should run tonight.”  Followed quickly by: “I wonder how far is on the schedule?”

I checked, and lo and behold, a blissful 2 mile run!  2 miles!  That’s almost like not running at all!  Then I have two days off before the half marathon on Saturday.  (Which will be much needed since I’ll be working long hours at work the next two days, the last thing I’ll need is to worry about squeezing in a run).

So I have full plans for how I will successfully taper the next few days.  They look something like this:

Tapering at it’s best

And I am not planning on feeling guilty at all.


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