Kigo Curv Mary Janes

Okay…let me start with this: These are not running shoes. At least I wouldn’t run in them. To me, these are casual shoes.

Kigo Curv (a Mary Jane style minimal shoe)

I’ve been kind of obsessed with finding a pair of these shoes since I first read Barefoot Angie Bee’s review of them.

The more I wear minimal shoes, the more I like them. I find myself not wanting to wear shoes with a lot of structure, or with much of a heel. This has caused me a bit of a fashion dilemma at work. As a 5’3″ short gal, most pants I buy are just a smidge too long (and sometimes, they are WAY too long…). So either I pay to have them hemmed (have I mentioned I don’t like to pay extra for things?), or I wear a shoe with a heel.

That means that when I’m not at work, I want the least amount of shoe possible. And therefore began a mission for reasonably priced comfortable minimal shoes. And when I saw these on eBay, brand new and at a fraction of retail price, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try them. And then, when my first offer was accepted and I got them for $10 with free shipping, it was even better!

I was so excited to get them, but was a bit nervous about the fit. You see, the reviews had said that they run small, and these were size 7. I usually wear a 6.5-7, so I was optimistic that they would fit, but nervous that they would be tight. Luckily, they fit almost perfectly. But there was one problem.

See the wrinkle in the insole?

This seemingly tiny crease in the insole caused a sharp point that dug into my heel. Worse, there was another on the other side of the same shoe. For some reason, these insoles were oversized and wrap upwards in the shoe – shaped (I assume) to cup the heel of the foot. What it did instead was rub, and annoy me.

I tried the shoes without the insole – and actually liked the way they felt. However, I like having the option of a layer, as I’m not quite ready to be barefoot all day, so I needed to find a way to make them work.

The shoes without the insole. The stitching bothered me a little, but not much.

Enter the sewing scissors.

Problem solved!

Yep, I just cut the edges of the “cup” off of the insole, and now – they feel much better! My heels are thanking me. And yes, the blue “kigo” text hasn’t lasted long on the insole – not that it matters, but little pieces of the name were stuck to my feet, and I found one on our living room floor yesterday.

The one thing I’d love to change about this shoe is the insole. I’d rather have a smooth finish on the inside of the shoe, so that the insole wasn’t necessary, and just wear them without. The insole adds a bit of cushion (which admittedly is sometimes very nice), and I’d like to have the option of wearing them without. It just doesn’t work as well for me with the rough stitching on the insole.

In all, I’d say this was an excellent find. My feet do get a bit warm in them when it’s over 100 degrees – like it has been this week. On these hot days I’d rather wear sandals anyway, so it’s not a big deal. But I expect to wear these a lot more when it’s cooler, and for the great deal I got, I won’t mind if I wear them out.

The only other thing – I love the green/gray combo, but that probably makes them less likely for a work shoe – I won’t complain about the color (eBay beggars can’t be choosy), but would have loved to have found them in black or even a solid gray. Then I guarantee I would have lived in them – they’d be cute both with summer dresses and with some of my more casual work clothes.


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