Firecracker Run 10K and InkNBurn review

A few days ago, Saturday, to be exact, I decided to run the Firecracker Run 10k race.  I’d been thinking about running, but knew it was going to be hot so I had almost decided not to run, until my 7 year old told me he wanted to run the 1 mile race.  So I figured I’d sign up for the 10k, use it as a training run, and then run the 1 mile with him as well.

I also had a new product to review, so I thought I’d go ahead and do that while running the race.

I learned about INKnBURN through my friend Heather’s blog.  She did a product review of theirs a year or so ago, and I have been coveting their funky running gear ever since.  Seriously, I go to their website to drool.  But, I am not one to shell out 65 dollars for a pair of shorts.  I like to run, but I’d much rather spend that money on a race, or on something else.  I honestly have never understood why running gear is so expensive.  So I watched, and waited, and hoped that someday they’d have a deal going (or that I would work up the courage to make a purchase!).

Then, a few months ago, I half-jokingly tweeted to the INKnBURN folks and asked if they would be willing to give me a discount for a blog review.  Much to my surprise, I got a response back!  Even more surprising, instead of offering me a discount, they offered me free gear in exchange for a review.  Of course I said I would do it…I’m not dumb 🙂

I sent them my sizing information and my shipping address.  So, last week, a package showed up at my door with a pair of their new Performance Denim shorts.  I instantly pulled them out and tried them on, and they fit perfectly!  (note:  I found that I was actually a size larger in these shorts than in my “street clothes.”  So definitely follow the size charts, they are accurate!)  

INKnBURN performance denim

really, how cute are these?

The “leather patch” is adorable too.

But, I had to find the perfect place to test them out. I’m usually not one for running in new gear during a race.  “Use what works” has been my motto.  But, what is more uniquely American than denim?  And I had the Firecracker Run coming up.  So, I decided that I would test out the shorts on the hilly, challenging Firecracker 10k.

And they were a dream.  I think now I might understand why someone would pay extra for these shorts.  I spent most of the race soaked in water (trying to cool off, I dumped water over myself and ran through every hose that was on the course).  There was no chafing, honestly!.  The shorts didn’t even feel that wet (although they were dripping at the finish line).  I would have worn them all day if they weren’t soaked in sweat and water. They are that comfortable.

So bottom line?  If you’re willing to spend the money, I’d definitely recommend INKnBURN.  I may go so far as to say the extra cash is worth it.  I’ve already picked out the next few things I would love to buy:

Women’s Sugar Skull Tech Shirt

Dark Forest Tech Shirt

Lust Camisole

(I’ll be honest, I love the Lust print on everything they make).

Oh, and I finished the 10k in just about an hour.  I felt great throughout, although it was crazy hot.  I intentionally took it easy and tried to pick a pace that felt comfortable, but not too easy. I really enjoyed the hills, and this distance – part of what I don’t like about a 5k is the “sprint” aspect, this distance allowed me to slow down and pace myself without feeling like a total turtle 🙂 I even liked the hills. Yes, I said it.

I ran without headphones, just enjoying the whole run.  I talked with some great people on the course.  That’s what I love about racing the longer distances and running slower, I always find someone to talk to.  It was a great morning.  And my son enjoyed his 1 mile race too.  Now the goal is to stay indoors for the rest of the day, it’s going to be 100 degrees here this afternoon.  I’ve had enough sweaty fun for one day 🙂


2 responses to “Firecracker Run 10K and InkNBurn review

  • Jill

    Did anyone think they were real denim? Did anyone ask about them? Got any action shots for my blog? 😉

    • illinoishawkeye

      I had one person ask about them. Not sure whether anyone was looking behind my back…wait, then they’d be looking at my rear.

      I don’t have any action shots yet but if I find one I’ll pass it along. Maybe someone was taking pictures at the race. 🙂

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