I’m feeling oddly calm today.  Aside from one moment of stomach-turning nerves (as I thought about race music, of all things), I have felt nothing – not excited, not nervous, just calm.

It’s odd.

I went online yesterday to check the Minneapolis Marathon website, again, although it hasn’t changed much if at all over the last few days.  But I noticed that at packet pickup you are supposed to come prepared with your ID and bib number.  I realized that the bib numbers were posted online, so I pulled up the listing to check and see what my number is.

There, nestled three-quarters of the way through the 99-page document, between two race teamers (one team?  Three Chicks and a Dick.  The other team?  3 Dudes and a Lady.  Real original.), was my bib number.


Just seeing this number, somehow, made it all feel right.  I don’t know what it is about this number that makes me feel that this is something special, that it’s all okay.  I couldn’t explain it to my husband.  Sure, I tried to say something about the symmetry of the number, the fact that there are two “7”s, prime numbers, but it all fell flat when I tried to verbalize it.

It just feels right.  Right in a way that 303 or 909 or 1313 (even though my lucky number is 13) just don’t have.  I can’t explain it, I can’t rationalize it, I just know that this is something important.

And if it makes me feel calm, then it is a good thing.


In an unrelated topic, when the writers of the “Non-Runners Marathon Trainer” wrote that the focus of this week should be to eat plenty of carbohydrates to ensure adequate glycogen stores before the race, I highly doubt that they meant for me to do this mostly by eating chocolate.  In my defense, this is Swiss chocolate, 70% dark chocolate, and it is amazing.  I should never have opened it.  Yes, I should have.  What I should have done is buy more.


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