I’m sorry this is so late getting posted.  I started this post a few days ago and just haven’t gotten around to finishing it.

Last week, I was in Switzerland.  Lucerne, to be precise.

I got off the train and checked into the hotel to see this view from my hotel window:

Lake Lucerne

Yeah.  Beautiful, right?  Looks like heaven, or something like that.  I think I said to one of my coworkers, “There’s no way you could have a bad day if you lived here.  No way.”

I had lofty plans to run every day in Switzerland.  It didn’t quite work out that way, but I did make it out to run once.

Monday – the day we arrived, we did some shopping and walked around downtown and then had an “excursion” with the meeting groups.  We toured a tractor manufacturer and then had a dinner of “cold meats and cheeses in a garage.”  I didn’t get back to the hotel until 11:30 pm, so there was no running that evening.  I walked at least 3 miles though!

Downtown Lucerne

Dinner in a “garage” (tractor workshop)

Tuesday – first day of meetings, they lasted over 10 hours.  (while I looked outside at the beautiful day) Got back to the hotel and went for a run at about 7 pm.  I had an hour to run, shower, and meet the guys for dinner, so it was a short 3 mile run.  I only ate one of the giant bugs that was flying around the water’s edge.  Success!  Then we walked downtown for dinner, so I probably walked about 3 miles that day also.

Not a bad place to run

Yeah, I could live here.

Wednesday – second day of meetings, it was 48 degrees and rainy.  On the walk back to the hotel it was sleeting.  Since there was no treadmill, I didn’t run.  Probably only a mile of walking since I didn’t want to head downtown in the sleet/rain.

Thursday – last day of meetings, I planned to get up at 6 and go run.  Unfortunately, I didn’t sleep well on this trip so every morning I was TIRED.  This morning was no exception, and although the sun was shining and it looked beautiful out, an extra 45 minutes of sleep sounded way better than a run.  After our meetings we climbed back on the train to head back to Zurich.  Arrived in Zurich around 8 to find that there was no fitness center at the Holiday Inn Express Zurich Airport.  So, no run that day either.  And the view from this hotel was less than spectacular:

Construction, anyone?

The flight home was pretty uneventful also.  Although it was a bit depressing when I realized that as I was getting up at 5:15, at home it was actually 10:15 pm the night before.  So by the time I got home I had been up for about 21 hours (with a little bit of sleep on the plane).

I had 12 on the plan for the weekend, but Sunday morning struggled through one of my worst 10 mile runs ever.  Glad that I got that out of my system.

10 days until Minneapolis!  If I’m not ready now, I never will be 🙂


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