Birds and buttercups

This is going to have to be a quick one.  If I’m learning anything, it’s that for me, blogging is something I have to squeeze in or it will not get done.  (which is why you didn’t get the mile-by-mile recap of the 19 mile run last weekend that I thought I’d do…)

At this very moment I can hear a toddler coming this way…

12 miles this morning.  My legs weren’t feeling it, I was tired (which is weird considering I hardly ran all week).  But I knew that this was good training for my brain – 90% of running is mental, after all.  I know that my legs and body can run 12 miles, it should be easy after running over 15 miles for the last few weeks.  But it’s my brain that tries to convince me I can’t.

I’ve been working on my running mantras.  I posted about this a few weeks ago.  Oddly enough, the day I mentioned I was going to work on them, Barefoot Angie Bee posted this about her mantras.

Sorry, I just had to take a slight break there to go change a fully loaded diaper…such is the life of a mom.

So – I read Angie’s post, and I immediately found one of my new mantras.  Did you read her post?  You should.  (caution, the language may not be PG) You see, the mantras that I had tried were positive.  “I am strong.”  “I am powerful.”  “I am graceful.”  Not working when I am tired, plodding, and feel like my legs are weighed down with bricks.  What I need is a kick in the pants.

So, I love, love, love, “Suck it up, buttercup.”  And “You’ve got more.”  Because that’s what I need to hear to make my mind believe, and to force it to make my legs do what they are capable of.

Then a few days ago my amazing virtual friend Holly (who only lives 80 miles away…we have got to do a race together someday, Holly!), posted on her blog that she was selling Bondi Bands for her fundraising for St. Jude’s.  Bondi Bands may be the single best invention I have found for running – with my short hair I can’t do a ponytail, or even a barrette.  So headbands are the only option I have – and these soak up the sweat and pull back every tiny hair.  Plus they are cute. 😉

And another slight break while I plug back in the wireless router that my child so thoughtfully unplugged…

And the final selling point?  She was selling this one.

I mean, how much more perfect can it get?  It’s like all the fates were lining up to tell me something.  And yes, I bought it.  It’s so perfect.

Not much else exciting on my run today, my IT band started to annoy me, which is odd because it hasn’t been an issue before.  So I am foam rolling and hoping it can keep it from getting worse the next four weeks.

Oh, and on my run today I saw the most amazing array of colorful birds.  The list:

2 Baltimore Orioles (a male/female pair)
1 cardinal
1 unknown bird (black and white with a red breast, I will figure this one out)
2 blue herons
2 red-winged blackbirds
1 mourning dove
and countless small brown birds.

Pair that with our new family of bluebirds in our backyard, and it’s been a bird-filled weekend.

Off to do some laundry and prepare for a preschool soccer game today.  Have a great week!


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