Sie rennt

Today I have such a jumble of thoughts I’m not sure where to start.  I suppose the best place to start is with a recap of the week’s training, then perhaps it will lead into something else.

This was a really good week of training for me, which is not nearly half of what some would put in, but for me running three consecutive days, in the evenings, is something I struggle with.  I had 3, 4, and 5 mile runs this week.

This morning I met up with the Live Uncommon group for my planned 18 miler.  I was hopeful that someone else would want to go the distance, but I had also decided I would be okay finishing up alone.  Typically we’ve been doing these 90 minute loops, so I figured I would be able to run one loop with the group, maybe catch a few more miles with anyone who wanted to head back out, then finish up the last few miles on my own.  I had a goal of getting done by 9 am, since I needed to be home before a soccer game at 10.

But 90 minute loops and long 18 mile runs weren’t on anyone else’s schedule today.  Most of the group was planning for shorter runs of 11-13 miles.  And there was a different course, rather than heading to the Duck Creek bike path, the group was heading down the hill to the Mississippi river bike path.  As we ran down the hill towards the river, the group broke up into a few separate groups – the head group was on a much faster pace, there were a few in the middle, and I was bringing up the rear.  I knew I had 18 miles ahead of me and did not want to push it.   As we reached the bottom of the hill, it was just Josiah and me.  Nobody else was even in sight.  I think far up ahead we could see Katherine and Stephanie.  Knowing that they were heading toward the bike path, we just followed where we thought they had gone.

It was just about at 4.5 miles when we hit the bike path.  Josiah had mentioned that he was just going to get in whatever he could today, so I kept expecting him to turn around.  A few minutes later we ran into Jen and the Leadville guys on their way back.  She asked if we were heading back up to the cars, and I decided then that I was going to go out the full 9 miles so I had no option but to finish the 18.  To my surprise, Josiah said he was going to stick with me.  (THANK YOU JOSIAH!)

Poor Josiah hadn’t brought any water, and one gel, thinking he’d run for 90 minutes then head home.  He hadn’t planned for a 3 hour run.  I felt bad for him, as we checked every restroom and water fountain looking for a way that he could get a drink.  Finally he relented and took a drink from my water bottle.  Don’t worry, I unscrewed the cap so we didn’t share cooties. 

We turned around just past the ballpark.  In the distance, the I-74 bridge looked impossibly far away.  Knowing that when we hit that bridge we still had 4.5 miles to go made my brain hurt.  But, there was no way to get back to the car without running, so run we did.

I have to thank Josiah for running the distance with me.  We talked about just about everything – minimal shoes, our respect for Pete at Runblogger (turns out we’ve both turned to Pete for shoe advice), soccer games, scheduling of kids’ sports, fueling strategy, and probably so much more that I have forgotten.  Half of the time it was him talking and me half grunting out “yeah” or “cool” as I puttered along…

I will admit that when we hit Devil’s Glen for the long climb back up to the cars, I was tired and definitely not looking forward to the hills.  Following Josiah’s bouncing (where he gets the energy I have no idea) helped keep me moving – I tried not to let him get too far ahead.  Pace slowed down here, but I wasn’t looking at my watch.  I got back to the parking lot, ran past my car until the Garmin beeped, and was really happy to be done.  It was a good run (much more so now that I’m done!).

I almost made my goal of finishing by 9, it was 9:15 when I got into the car to head home.

18 miles in 2:55.  Not bad for someone who wants to finish 26.2 in under 5 hours.

I got home, and had a few of these (OMG they are so awesome.  MAKE THEM TODAY) and a cup of hot coffee, followed by a hot shower, and I’m feeling tired but overall pretty darn good.  I’ve got quite a blister forming UNDER a callus (someone want to tell me how that happens?), and my IT band is a tad bit sore, but other than that I feel great.  I missed the soccer game, when I got home there was one 6 year old ready to go play soccer and two little brothers in PJ’s.  So I got to take a leisurely shower and blog while the little one rests in bed (I don’t think he is asleep) and the 5 year old gets some video game time.

Oh, and I suppose I should explain the title of this blog post?  I’ve been taking German classes online through work.  I’m only through lesson 2, and one of the first things we’ve learned to say is “Sie rennt.”  Quite literally, “she runs.”  Seems appropriate.


Avg Pace
Summary 2:55:00.8 18.00 9:43
1 8:46.5 1.00 8:47
2 9:11.2 1.00 9:11
3 9:32.0 1.00 9:32
4 9:36.8 1.00 9:37
5 9:24.0 1.00 9:24
6 9:37.3 1.00 9:37
7 9:41.8 1.00 9:42
8 9:29.6 1.00 9:30
9 9:58.9 1.00 9:59
10 9:32.7 1.00 9:33
11 9:49.9 1.00 9:50
12 9:42.2 1.00 9:42
13 9:42.1 1.00 9:42
14 10:21.8 1.00 10:22
15 10:03.0 1.00 10:03
16 10:00.6 1.00 10:01
17 10:40.3 1.00 10:40
18 9:48.1 1.00 9:48
19 :02.0 0.00 7:56

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