Have you ever felt the urge to do something bigger than yourself? To go above and beyond what is “required” and make a difference?

I have. And, if you know me at all, you know that this is the core of my personality. Back in 2009 I took on the challenge of running a half marathon with Team in Training in memory of my best friend, Bean. That was one of the best experiences of my life, and truly changed who I am and, in a way, what I think is important in life.

So, now, as I approach middle age (okay, who am I kidding, I’m there!), I have discovered there are a few specific things in life that I am passionate about: Education. Engineering. Youth. Running. And giving back to the community.

Through the last year, I’ve been lucky to have found opportunities to pursue these passions, while not conflicting with what is most important to me: my family and my work. Whenever I can get a chance to combine two or more of these, it becomes a “no brainer.” A few months ago I saw someone wearing a Live Uncommon shirt at a local race. I was curious and wanted to learn more. What I found was the Live Uncommon organization, a group in the Quad Cities area which is doing amazing work. Here’s their mission statement.

The Live Uncommon mission is to inspire individuals to be great, push beyond conceived limits, reach for the stars, dream big, accomplish, achieve, excel while balancing everyday commitments of Family, Work, Fitness & Health, and giving back.

Notice those last seven words? Do they match up with something I may have said already? Believe it or not, this is a coincidence. I actually wrote the words in the above paragraphs before I went to the Live Uncommon website to copy their mission. So you can see why this resonated with me.

Then, in January, I heard about the Live Uncommon REVOLUTION Race Team. The REVOLUTION Race Team is a group of individuals who have joined together to run in seven local races, all benefiting local charities. Through our running, we are fundraising for these charities, which are listed on the back of this letter.

We’re going to do the hard work, the running. What I am asking you to do is to support us. My goal is to raise at least $700, which will be spread across all the charities.

Seven races. Seven charities. Seven hundred dollars.

Can you spare $10 per race? That’s $70.
No? How about $5 per race? That’s only $35.
Every penny helps.

Join the movement with me.
Be uncommon.
Be the one to make a difference.

Click Here to donate.

Thank you.


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