lost luggage and Louisville

cue chirping crickets…

chirp, chirp, chirp…

Hey, I’m back! Guessing you didn’t even notice I was gone. I’ll be honest, neither did I. This week has been a whirlwind.

I traveled for work this past week. Upon arrival in Louisville, about 10 of the passengers on the plane (probably more than 10% of the passengers) were luggage-less. I think the baggage handlers in Minneapolis forgot to load one of the carts onto the plane. This would have really bothered some people. In fact, the lady in front of me seemed to be livid, based solely on the number of swear words I heard. But for me, it wasn’t really that bad. I mean, yes, it’s an inconvenience. Sure, I would have rather had my luggage. But in the grand scheme of things, not having luggage seems like such a minor problem to have. I had my ID, my wallet, and my laptop. Plus my trusty iPhone and Kindle (although the chargers were in my luggage). There are a lot of worse things that could have happened.

I actually tweeted about this experience while I was in the neverending “lost luggage” line, and was surprised to find out that Delta Airlines does monitor their Twitter feed when they instantly replied with a nice note. Customer service isn’t totally lost in this world.

The baggage claim attendants (what an awful job they must have!) gave each of us a nice little bag of the cheapest toiletries money can buy (but hey! there was deodorant in there…). I was surprised to find when I opened it that there was even a t-shirt inside. It was an XL, so it fit me like a dress, but it was a pretty nice feeling to have something clean to sleep in.

The only thing that nobody could seem to find for me was contact solution. Finally the hotel staff dug up a vial of eye wash/saline. Better than nothing, I figured. And as an engineer, I was able to improvise and create a contact case out of two of the coffee creamer vials. Yes, I washed them out.

So I spent the first night at the hotel in an XL Delta SkyMiles t-shirt, with my contacts swimming in coffee creamer cups, and my gums sore from the beating the travel toothbrush gave them. But, like I said before, I didn’t feel I had anything to complain about. I was in a hotel room with a nice bed, fluffy pillows, and a hot shower. Lots of people make do with a lot less.

I wasn’t feeling too bad at all until I realized my plans to get up early and run first thing in the morning were not going to work out too well. Hitting the treadmill in the two clothing options I had (jeans and a shirt or a XL t-shirt) was not sounding good. Although I suppose I could have tried out barefoot running again… So plans for an early morning run were squelched, and I got to sleep in for an extra hour. BONUS! And then, I got to wear jeans to my meetings while everyone else was in business wear. DOUBLE BONUS!

Although the luggage didn’t arrive at the promised time of “around noon,” my suitcase was sitting in my room when we got done with meetings around 3:00 pm. At 3:15, I kid you not, I was on the treadmill. I don’t know where this motivation came from, but I’m glad I tapped into it. I changed into running clothes so fast that when I returned to my room after my run it looked like a tornado had hit my suitcase…

During my stay, I got a few runs in the hotel fitness center. For the record, those treadmills were tough! I’m blaming the heat in the room…and perhaps the fact that I was stuck watching awful daytime TV. One day I watched Dr. Phil, the second it was Teen Moms 2 on MTV2…don’t judge.

Apparently this was a recovery week (or something) because the plan only called for a 6 mile long run yesterday. I thought it seemed low until I started running and my legs felt like lead. I’ll tell you, by the turnaround at 3 miles I was GLAD I only had to do 6. Next weekend is 11…we’ll see how that feels.

Happy running, friends.


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