nightmare marathon

I’m sitting here at the computer, 9:00 on a Saturday morning, and I’m still in my PJ’s sipping coffee.

Not running.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to be out there, but just haven’t gotten up the motivation yet. I did get up from the computer once, to start the process, and picked up the Garmin to realize the battery was almost dead. So, it’s nestled in it’s charger on the kitchen counter, and I have a reprieve, for now.

We’ve had a warm winter so far this year, either we’ve been lucky or we’ve been unlucky, depending on who you talk to. My coworker hates this weather and wants a blizzard. I can’t complain about 40-50 degrees, but I wouldn’t mind a nice snowstorm, either. There’s something about a snowstorm that makes me really appreciate a warm house, soft slippers, and hot coffee. Plus, it forces us to slow down and really enjoy time with the family. (periodically interrupted by bouts of negotiation, arbitration, and mediation between three very active boys).

So as I sit and wait for the Garmin to charge, I am enjoying a few moments of peace (not quiet, no, not that. I’m a mom of three, remember?)

I had a nightmare of sorts last night. Not a “wake up in a cold sweat, screaming” type nightmare, but a nightmare nonetheless.

I dreamed I was with a group like Team in Training (I did TnT in 2009), getting ready to toe the line at a Disney-like marathon. In my dream, there was a staggered start, so I wasn’t concerned about being at the starting line right when the race started, and neither were most of my teammates. Then, all of a sudden, two teammates came over, despondent. “We got kicked out,” they said. “They won’t let you stay on the course if you can’t maintain a 10 min/mile pace.”

I rushed to get to the starting line and realized that there was nobody there. Nobody. The race had started 45 minutes ago, and I was running alone. I took off and tried to follow the course.

As I ran, the course went through (I kid you not) restaurants and exhibits at the theme park. I was elbowing my way through people eating at a bar, looking for small 8.5×11 laminated signs with arrows to tell me where to turn. I was running down flights of narrow stairs, in and out of buildings, and in back alleys. I ran into three other women running the race, all of us in our purple team shirts, and all of us equally as lost. We were trying to stay on course and to stay ahead of the “cutoff” time so we could finish.

I was four or five miles in, thinking about quitting the race, and feeling very disappointed, when I woke up. At first I was still locked into the emotions of the “non-race,” even though I knew immediately that it was a dream. I have the most trippy, psychedelic, un-realistic dreams, so I never think they are real. Even when I’m dreaming I usually know they are not real.

So, that was quite an interesting way to start the day.

Now, I’m off to check and see if the Garmin is charged enough for a run…enjoy whatever adventures await you this weekend!


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