what just happened?

What am I doing here?


What am I doing creating a blog about running?

There are literally hundreds, probably thousands, of blogs about running.  Yet today, in a moment of weakness, I created another one.  Another piece of worthless crap to add to the ever-growing pile of worthless crap on the Internet.


Or, maybe not.

I’ve held off creating a blog about running for so long now.  I figured, everyone else is already doing it, I have never been one to follow the crowd.  To do what’s popular.

But, I read so many amazing running blogs, and I get so inspired by them.  I see normal, everyday people running, racing, and LIVING.  And I see a community of running bloggers that I admire, respect, and (sometimes) emulate.

And, in just a few short weeks, I will begin training for my first.ever.marathon.

I decided I want to document this experience.  A way to capture the emotion, the pain, the journey.  And I am going to do this for myself.  Not for anyone else.  Just like I am doing the marathon for myself.  Not to win, not to beat a specific time, but to show myself I can.  I’ll write more about my goals for this marathon in upcoming posts.

And if someone wants to come along for the ride, so be it.


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